The land knows what it wants to be.


There is a hunger out there for a better way of life, to live with a greater connection to people and to the environment – a movement to focus on things that truly matter and to do more of what inspires us and makes us healthy and happy.

The Headwaters of Kimberley Creek is a unique opportunity to live in a nature-planned community in one of western Canada’s most spectacular locations, immersed in the wild yet accentuated by world-class amenities. Where else does work and play so effortlessly combine? Where is life more authentic? The signature differentiator for Headwaters is the element that gives the community its name – the natural spring below the site’s surface that is the starting point of Kimberley Creek. It’s from this abundant source of water that the Trail Crew will create ponds, creeks, and a vibrant wetland at the base of the property. No other community in Kimberley offers water living the way Headwaters will, and this feature alone will serve to be a unique ownership opportunity.



The right time. THE PERFECT PLACE. 


The Kootenays have been waiting for The Headwaters of Kimberley Creek to come to life for decades. The time has arrived. Our team is ready to honour the land and do the work.